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AI Generated Fashion

A powerful and adaptable technology to revolutionize brand content and start a new era.

AI Generated Fashion
AI Generated Fashion
AI Generated Fashion

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XNFY Lab - Goals?

The XNFY lab helps retailers drive and test innovation through a unique cluster that combines internal R&D, Startups, Retailers and the global reach of Microsoft.

Innovation is a key ingredient for future success!!


Shared costs and risks to increase innovation

Build a cluster focused in the future of shopping

Provide real-world retail test environment

Recruit best in class retail startups

Democratize AI in retail, to boost the shopping experience

Reduce go-to market time

Drive new innovation directly with retailers

Shared IP and Source code + ideas, studies and best practices


Retailers Problems

  • We can’t invest in the latest innovations if they have not been proven yet. We get hundreds of pitches requests per Month.. We don’t have team and time!

    CIO German Retailer
  • We are a very slow company, still focused on our daily issues and small incremental improvements.

    CEO Portuguese Retailer
  • We have a very small team and we can’t dev or test all the required solutions!

    Head Innovation French Retailer

Startups Problems

  • We tested in live environment, we reached amazing KPI’s, the retail team was aligned, it took more than 3 years to roll out.. The business cycle time is too long to survive!

    CEO Europe Startup
  • We have to give tailored made solutions for free without any guarantees, just to create a business case for the CIO.

    BizDev US Tech Provider
  • We don’t know who reach in each retailer.. Very difficult to gain footprint and mommentum to scale up.

    Former Co-Founder US Startup



Internal R&D team
Research projects
Shared IP & source code
Integrations & API’s


Microsoft teams
Advisory board
Growing network


Retail challenges
Innovative Solutions
Food, Non-Food, eCommerce,etc..


Identify main problems
Prioritize them
Test stores - real KPI's
Retailer presentation



RETAILERS NEEDS1 - Retailers need solutions for internal problems.
2 - Retailers need solutions to match customer expectations.


GLOBAL TEAM3 - The XNFY Lab scout startups around the world with proven results.
4 - The XNFY Lab, present a short list of technologies tested in test stores.


SOLUTIONS5 - Retailers select innovations with proven KPI’s and measurable benefits.
6 - Retailers can get access to internal innovations, source codes, and rights on IP.


FOCUS ON RESULTS5 - Retailers can focus on continuous POC, internal KPI’S and how to adapt/design solutions to their realities.

Lab Solutions Portfolio

Some of the Awesome Projects we've worked on.

A lot more solutions in our pipeline!! Prioritized by our retailers.. some with EU grants.
Working in very disruptive projects (mainly AI - DeepLearning) in partnership with researchers and universities.



Paul Maher

Paul Maher

General Manager - Industry Experiences at Microsoft

Mariya Zorotovich

Director, Strategy and Incubation at Intel Corporation

Carl Boutet

Chief Retail Strategist

Eli David, Ph.D.

Serial Entrepreneur
AI & Deep Learning Guru

Marlos Silva

ex-Director of Innovation & Future Tech at Sonae

ShiSh Shridhar

WW Director, Retail Business Strategy at Microsoft
Meet our Team & Open Positions


Our Latest News in the Lab.
AI Generated Fashion

XNFY Lab Announce the Launch of an AI Generated Fashion

A powerful and adaptable technology to revolutionize digital brand content and start a new era in the upcycling of garments.

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CB Insights

34 Corporate Innovation Labs In Retail

XNFY Lab featured by CB Insights in the "34 Corporate Innovation Labs In Retail" article, together with big names on the area like Walmart Global Tech, Nike, Kroger, etc..

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XNFY Lab at #RIC20

Join us on the next Retail Innovation Conference 2020 - October 13-14, where we will present the XNFY Lab - Best in class startups and how we are helping retailer to Use Advanced AI To Minimize Innovation Costs & Risks.

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Innovation Blockers

Thoughts - Innovation Blockers

Orlando Ribas Fernandes thoughts about innovations blockers! Who they are? Let us know if you agree!

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AI Capital Partnership

AI Capital LLC and XnFinity, Lda. Announce International Partnership

Reaching across the pond, AI Capital is proud to have established this relationship with Orlando Ribas Fernandes' team at XnFinity - XNFY Lab in conjunction with Microsoft." AI Capital LinkedIn Post

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"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses."

Henry Ford
XNFY Lab Experts Panel

Fast Track Innovation Initiatives

We launched the XNFY Lab - Fast Track Innovation initiatives, where we have an excellent panel of Advisors / Experts from different fields to advice retailers potential solutions to get QUICK WINS!!

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Democratizing Innovation and AI

Orlando Ribas Fernandes, CEO and Founder of XNFY Lab talking about "Democratizing Innovation and AI" during the The Global AI Hub in this virtual AI conference

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AI Capital conference

Artificial Intelligence: Highly Relevant in a Tumultuous Environment

XNFY Lab partnering with AI Capital and SwissCognitive - The Global AI Hub in this virtual AI conference - Overview of how AI solutions will add tremendous value to help solve problems that have arisen in this challenging environment.

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EuroShop 2020

Microsoft Retail Executive Briefing

Orlando Ribas Fernandes had the pleasure to talk about "Democratizing Innovation and AI in Retail" and about what we are doing at XNFY Lab, in the event - Microsoft Retail Executive Briefing Central and Eastern Europe At EuroShop Trade Fair, Dusseldorf.

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NRF 2020

XNFY Lab @ NRF2020

Last Jan 2020, our Founder and CEO had a pleasure to be a startups observer on the Retail ROI Innovation friendly hack at Microsoft Reactor NYC, during the NRF 2020. What amazing startups! 🤯

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Lab kick-off photos
Lab kick-off photos
Lab kick-off photos
Lab kick-off photos
Lab kick-off photos
Lab kick-off photos

XNFY Lab kick-off

What a great day... launching together with Paul Maher the XNFY Lab in Viana do Castelo, Portugal!

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